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Fury Dive Knife

Fury 9-inch Dive Knife Review

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year (after the pajamas with the bunny feet) is my Fury 9-inch dive knife.  It’s very well built, with a great snap-in sheath.  But, best of all, it’s got a cool factor (or, as my son says, it’s covered in epic awesome-sauce).  As soon as I strap it on my ankle, I feel like Magnum P.I. or Jason Bourne.

I haven’t had a chance to take it out in the “wild” yet, but I wore it all Christmas day in anticipation.  Yes, I was a a sight to see with a 9-inch dive knife strapped to my bunny pajama legs!  One of the best things about living in the South is the mild winters.  Today is supposed to get up to 54 degrees and, as soon as I get the gutter up on the pergola, I’m hoping to hit the river for a quick paddle.

Several times I’ve needed a knife when paddling (typically to remove fishing line, hooks, etc.) and I’m always a little anxious about carrying a pocket knife as it could easily fall out of my pocket.  Plus, they don’t tend to be very water resistant.  The Fury 9-inch dive knife has a rubberized handle, sheath and straps. Since the knife “clicks” into the sheath and the sheath attaches to my legs with belt-like rubber straps, I don’t have to worry about losing it.

After I get a chance to use it while paddling, I’ll try to write a more thorough review.  Until then, here are a few pictures of the Fury 9-inch dive knife:


Fury Dive Knife
Fury Dive Knife


Fury 9-inch dive knife
Fury 9-inch dive knife









Fury Dive Knife
Fury Dive Knife


Fury Dive Knife, 9-Inch Rubber Grip with Secure Sheath and Leg Straps

Rapala Lure

Brokeback Rapala

The Brokeback Rapala is a great fishing lure for bass. When you cast it into a shady place and reel it in just right it is certain you’ll get a fish. I caught  two fish and then finally a third fish that was such a big fighter it snapped the line!

The Brokeback rapala is a great fishing lure and worth the eight bucks!  You can buy them in two colors that I know of:   white/black or tan/black.

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Developing a Website with Twitter Bootstrap

Developing a website from scratch is no easy task…but it’s all part of the adventure.

We started our website using a user friendly CSS html interface called Twitter Bootstrap.  You can find and download it here:  Twitter Bootstrap.

The Bootstrap website has useful information about getting started, css (cascading style sheets), components and an overview of the JavaScript.  Also, there is a customize button that shows you how to customize parts of the code you want to download for what you want on your website.


Getting Started:

Getting started with Bootstrap can be done in a few ways that are outlined on the website.  The user can decide and implement templates and different content definitions.   Bootstrap lays is all out here.



Bootstrap has a Grid system that is responsive to your mobile size and will scale to the appropriate device.  It easily displays lists, addresses, and other typography benefits.  It will make tables, basic forms and buttons.  With a small amount of time  learning this coding system you will be able to display your webpage in an orderly and concise way.  Check out all the info on CSS here.


Glyphicons, dropdowns, button groups (quick link), navbar, labels, badges, headers, and thumbnails are just a few of the things that are readily available in Bootstrap.  Check them out.


I have to say my favorite part of the code is the Carousel options.  It puts movement into the webpage.  It’s great for advertising or displaying something that you really want to grab the attention of the viewer.  Read about it here.


Go Customize:

You can customize what you download in your bootstrap.  If you aren’t sure, they will gently lead you back to the ‘CSS’ or ‘Components’ aspects of the website to help you know what you want.

So, check it out.  It’s a great way to get started.  Twitter Bootstrap! 


Recommended videos and informational websites:


Tutorial – Twitter Bootstrap



Kayak with Dog

Kayaking Limestone Creek


Adventuring up Limestone Creek in mid fall is a beautiful trip.

Creek flowing with foliage around

The leaves are colorful (pictures do not do it justice), the air is cool and the water is calm.  Best of all, we found a great fishing hole.

Fishing from L.L. Bean kayakWaiting for the big bass!

The fish were definitely going after the Broke-Back Rapala this time!

 CJ caught a big bass!

Okay, there is one downside to kayaking this time of year.   Spots of low water on the creek.

Low water, dragging kayak.Blast Kayak in water with fallen leavesLow clearance!

But…it’s all an adventure!  Paddle on!