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It’s been a cold winter but warmer weather is just around the corner (we hope).  It’s none to early to line up your upcoming adventures for 2014 and there’s no better way then trying something new.  How about stand up paddling (SUP) to top the list?

According to, the Outdoor Foundation’s 2013 Report stated that stand up paddling was listed as the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants in 2013.  The report also cited the median age for stand up paddling was 28.

Stand up paddling (often miscalled paddleboarding) originates from Hawaii.  It became a popular sport in 2005 and has grown ever since.  To get paddling you will need a properly sized paddle and board.   A common rule of thumb for the correct size of paddle is a “shaka” length, or 5 to 7 inches, over your head. To use a SUP, hold the paddle with one hand on the handle and the other hand approximately 1/3 of the way down the shaft and “row” the board forward.

Looking for a great place to get training and rent SUP boards in North Alabama?  Check in with:

Don and Tonyia Bowling

  Fort Hampton Outfitters.

They rent SUPs at Joe Wheeler State park (Elkmont,  AL) and are a BOTE authorized dealer.  We talked with Don Bowling at the Huntsville boat show and found Fort Hampton Outfitters to be an impressive and family friendly company.  They see the great benefit of outdoor play and pleasure and hope to get others to get out and enjoy it too.  They know first hand how being outdoors and getting exercise is life natural way to boost your energy.

Fort Hampton Outfitters open for public rentals/sales in May and throughout the summer.  Get in touch with them through email at or at their website at  They’ll get you hooked up and answer all your questions.

Not interested in stand up paddling?  Fort Hampton Outfitters rent kayaks too!

Try it out!  SUP is certain to be a great adventure tradition!

Like fly fishing?  Check out the potential of SUP boards and fishing!  It’s very popular in Montana!

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