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Catch bigger fish, DudePerfect style

Bigger Fish – DudePerfect Style

You tell big huge fish stories – now prove them with this fish picture trick!

This hilarious video is by DudePerfect!

DudePerfect has a book: Go Big

 Buy it now!

Wake Rack

Riding with Colby Bernier

Colby is a cool guy and awesome rider. I had the opportunity to witness his smooth, precise wakeboading and see him get some big air.  This video is awesome but it doesn’t give you a good sense of how big he goes!  He’s got talent.

Lucky for me, I got a few pointers and tips on my riding from Colby.  Unluckily for me, I’m not as talented as he is.  So, even with his pointers I’ve still got a ways to go.  Colby Bernier is sponsored by skiers marine!

More videos at

Water proof bag- how to close

How to close a waterproof bag!

Waterproof bags (or dry bags) are a must for keeping your stuff dry while enjoying any water sport! We use these bags for boating, kayaking, fishing and at the beach!


Our pick:  Outdoor Products waterproof bags

We have several of these and use them all the time.  Amazon rates them at 4 stars.  I think they’d be 5 stars if users knew how to close them properly.

Here’s how to close your waterproof bag:

Step 1: Put your stuff in the bag! Be sure to get the right size bag for your stuff. You’ll want to fill the bag 2/3 full.  You can put more than I have here.

Waterproof bag full of stuff
Step 1

Step 2: Put the tops sides together pulling tight and try to get most of the air out of the bag.


Waterproof bag - how to close
Step 2


Step 3: Begin folding down the two sides together making sure the air is out as you go.  Fold it several times.

Waterproof bag - how to close
Step 3a


Waterproof bag - how to close
Step 3b


Waterproof bag - how to close
Step 3c








Step 4: Finally  grab both sides of the back tops and clip the clasp together so it will stay closed.

Waterproof bag - how to close
Step 4a


Waterproof bag - how to close
Step 4b


Waterproof bag - how to close
Step 4c








That’s it.  May you always have dry stuff!

For other waterproof bags check out West Marine.
And, NRS Tuff Sack Dry Bag at


Yellow Hammer Lure Replacement

The lucky replacement – Yellow Hammer Rig

Imagine a business that really cares about it’s customers, products and customer service  to the extent that it is willing to make things right for you even when not their fault–at no extra charge!  Sounds like a business from heaven.

Todd at the Yellow Hammer Lure Company must be from heaven (or, maybe Bessemer, Alabama is heaven)!  Yellow Hammer Lures offers that kind of business and customer service!

In our recent review of the yellow hammer rig, we mentioned we lost the lure (one of our favorites) as it got lodged under a submerged tree.  Todd, with Yellow Hammer Lures, read the article and got in touch with us telling us he would replace the lure!

Todd gave us great fishing advice.  He also made several suggestions that will help us avoid losing another Yellow Hammer lure in the future.

So, here are a few things we’ve learned:

Use 65 lb braid to 80 lb braid fishing line.

Use light fishing hooks – check out Litewire Hooks.

Weedless hooks help prevent snags.

And, use swim bait.

So, thanks to Yellow Hammer Lures, this experience was superb!  Please ‘Like’ them on facebook.

Tell us what you think on our facebook at 



Check out our original review:  The Yellow Hammer Lure Review

Girls wanna wakeboard Pro Tour 2014

Girls just wanna wakeboard!

Girls – get ready to put up a fight!  MasterCraft has taken us out of  the 2014 wakeboarding tour.

An excerpt from the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour website reads: MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour to Focus Exclusively on Men’s Pro Division in 2014.

The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, the largest and most storied professional wakeboarding circuit in the world, has redesigned its format for the 2014 season and will feature only the Pro Men’s division at all four events.”  

What?  Girls want to wakeboard!

Nautique has a different game plan:  “At Nautique we are all about family. We spend a lot of time with our own families on the water,  states Nautique’s President Bill yeargin, and we love the fact that our Nautique events have a heavy emphasis on family.”  Nautique will have a Pro Women and Amateurs competition along with Jr Pro Men and Pro Women events.

Check out the buzz…

What a bunch of crap. This can not be good for our sport!
My daughter likes to wakeboard because of watching the women at the Wake Games. Total BS on mastercraps part.
Good thing for King of Wake and Nautique otherwise there would be no events to support our favorite Jr. and Woman wakeboarder

…from the forum!

GoPro goes for a skydive!

GoPro survives pigs!

When Pigs fly…no wait, when GoPro’s fly!

GoPro was found in a pig pen after 6 months of being munched and crunched and burried by pigs?

How’d it get there?  You’ll never guess….dropped from a plane!

Sounds rough for a camera but the recorded adventure proves it survived the solo skydive.  See to believe what this GoPro went through!



Snow in the South

Hey Y’all, Snow in the South!

Snow in the South!  Alabama declared a state of emergency  Feb 10 due to anticipation of a winter storm. North Alabama woke to a blanket of snow and treacherous roads Feb 11.

It’s a snow day!  No school, many businesses closed and everyone is encouraged to stay off the roads!

Instead of taking your car for a spin like the winter olympians in an ice skating rink,  we suggest…build a snowman, a snowcat or have a snowball fight!

Snowman in Alabama 1/11/14
Cat made out of Snow 1/11/14

Snow ball fight 1/11/14


Shop online for great winter deals:

Balance Board - Indo Board

Indo boards and DIY balance board

Watersports require balance and strength.  Off Season is the time for boarders and surfers to get balance fine tuned for an injury free season! Training  will strengthen ankle and knee joints and reduce the likelihood of injury.   To do this, use a balance board.

Here’s what we like:  The Indo Board.

If you want to venture into a DIY project you can make your own.  You will need a pivot such as a  6 inch pvc pipe, a 2-Liter soda bottle, or a firm foam roller,  and plywood.

Step 1:  Cut the PVC pipe to approximately 20 inches.  Or, fill the 2-Liter bottle with water making sure the cap is on tight, or order the firm foam roller here! Set aside.

Step 2:  Using a jigsaw cut the plywood in a rectangle shape approximately 40 inches long and 20 inches wide. ( size can vary)

Step 3:  Sand the edges to have a nice smooth edge on both sides.

Optional:  Add a 1 inch strip of wood to the bottom on either end to prevent the board from sliding off the pipe (bottle).

Step 4:  Finally, paint the board with non skid paint on the top surface for traction.

Set the board on top of the pivot. Place one foot on the board at a time to get on the board and then try to maintain your balance.  For further challenge, lean your body weight side to side.


Hot deals – before it’s hot outside!

Thinking ahead to warm weather and summer?  I can’t wait to try out my new Connelly Cruzer triple rider tube.  Just got it.  And, here’s the best part………………. half price!

Connelly Cruzer tube
Connelly Cruzer


Read on…great deals await.

Many marine and boat shops sell products like tubes, ropes, wakeboards, skiis, boots and jackets but this inventory usually doesn’t make up a large portion of their profits.  Generally it’s service and large purchases.  Hence, when it comes to inventory of the ‘fun’ stuff, they are likely to just move it out and make room for a fresh new look in the shop.

This change of inventory often happens at the end of a season or a year.  So, that’s the time to take advantage and stock up on the things you want for the coming water season.

I purchased this Connelly tube half price from Skiers Marine in Alabama.  They, like most boat shops, move through their inventory every year.  You can find deals like this everywhere you go – if you are looking at the right time!

Check out clearance items at our affiliate shops.