Balance Board - Indo Board

Indo boards and DIY balance board

Watersports require balance and strength.  Off Season is the time for boarders and surfers to get balance fine tuned for an injury free season! Training  will strengthen ankle and knee joints and reduce the likelihood of injury.   To do this, use a balance board.

Here’s what we like:  The Indo Board.

If you want to venture into a DIY project you can make your own.  You will need a pivot such as a  6 inch pvc pipe, a 2-Liter soda bottle, or a firm foam roller,  and plywood.

Step 1:  Cut the PVC pipe to approximately 20 inches.  Or, fill the 2-Liter bottle with water making sure the cap is on tight, or order the firm foam roller here! Set aside.

Step 2:  Using a jigsaw cut the plywood in a rectangle shape approximately 40 inches long and 20 inches wide. ( size can vary)

Step 3:  Sand the edges to have a nice smooth edge on both sides.

Optional:  Add a 1 inch strip of wood to the bottom on either end to prevent the board from sliding off the pipe (bottle).

Step 4:  Finally, paint the board with non skid paint on the top surface for traction.

Set the board on top of the pivot. Place one foot on the board at a time to get on the board and then try to maintain your balance.  For further challenge, lean your body weight side to side.

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