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Wake Rack

Harley Clifford Riding

Harley Clifford video showing some of his tricks in 2014!  He won the X Games MasterCraft Throwdown  2015!  Awesome Job!

For Harley Clifford gear click here.

Wake surf boards

I want one of these!!

I would love one of these Agendas!  (Click here for more info on Agenda boards!)

Tried doing the trick in the video on our beginner Liquid Force wake surf board and couldn’t get it!  Drooling over the more advanced boards!

Click here for all your wake surfing and storage options!

If you have a minute, leave us a comment or suggestion about wake surf boards!


Piersend Logo

Our line of design is all about water sports!  We have created several water-sports designs on various products.  Check out some of our favorites.  Click on any product to purchase online through Zazzle.



Check out all our designs.
Back to School deals

70% off Back to School

Piersend is teaming up with The House to bring you great seasonal deals of up to 70% off.  You looked great this summer, look even better going back to school with a cool backpack and shoes!  Not in school?  Find shirts, hoodies, caps and more for your everyday needs.

Save up to 70%


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Accidental Shark Catch

It happens all the time.  You’re out fishing for trout when BAM– A shark strikes and you’re on the other end of the pole from a toothy apex predator.

Okay, unlikely–I know.  Especially if you’re fishing for trout.  You’re either a very poor fisherman or you’ve caught one very confused shark.

However, if you’re Peter Miller and you’re salt-water fishing, you may just end up with a shark on the other end of the line.

Check out the video below to see Peter Miller accidentally catch a shark and then successfully release it. By successfully, we mean the shark survived and Peter still has all his fingers

Ever had an encounter with a shark?  Leave a comment below.



Flag O’ Fish™ Tee

Piersend has partnered with West Marine to provide a 25% discount on the Columbia Flag O’Fish Tee.  Get it here for less than other retail stores including Amazon, Belk or the Columbia Store.

Originally available at $17.99-$30.00, the Piersend discount  is a great buy at $12.88!  Get your’s now before supplies run out!

The COLUMBIA Flag O’Fish Tee comes in Sunlit Heather, Grey Heather and Columbia Navy!


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Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Piersend is hosting a photography contest!

You could win:  A brand new Malibu MXZ  — if you enter a different contest!

If you enter our contest and win, you will have the opportunity to be featured on the Piersend home page at!  Your entered picture, written bio and a link to your website will be prominently displayed for viewers.  We know it’s not as awesome as a brand new boat – we’ll be speaking with our Piersend prize department shortly and try to get better prizes.  But, if you are an aspiring photographer or a professional wakeboarder, this is an opportunity for you to get good web exposure.

You can email your picture(s) to us at or  tweet them to Piersend1. Check out our facebook at piers.end (piers(dot)end) and get those picture coming.

To get things started, here’s a recent picture we received of the Tennessee River on an early morning!


'Early morning sets are the best!'
‘Early morning sets are the best!’






This contest ends August 31, 2015