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New mastercraft 2014 price point boat

Mastercraft NXT price point boat summer 2014

Mastercraft has long been a boat manufacturer with coveted detail and luxury.  Now it looks like they are going to make that available to those who don’t want to take out a second mortgage to buy a boat!

The new Mastercraft NXT is a price point boat aimed to please boaters looking for a quality boat hovering around 50K.  This will put a Mastercraft boat well into the market of many vessel buyers.  This will certainly draw in many buyers this year since Mastercraft has such a high standard and quality associated with their brand name.  Futhermore, the price of most of their boats is double the new NXT.

NXT 2014
NXT 2014

We don’t know much more about the up and coming Mastercraft NXT but check out what we do know and follow us on facebook. The Mastercraft webpage will allow you to sign up for upcoming news and be the first in line to order the new Mastercraft NXT.

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