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Setting up Twitter in WordPress

The WP to Twitter plugin is convenient for automatically sending out a tweet when you create a post/blog with WordPress.  The process does not take much time to set up and is a huge convenience as it automatically sends out a tweet everytime you blog.

To start off, download the WP to Twitter plugin into your WordPress Plugins by going to the Plugins category on the left menu bar.  Then search for the new plugin by clicking on the ‘Add New’ button and typing in WP to Twitter in the search box.

Click on install for the WP to Twitter plugin.  You will need to provide information about your twitter account and log in through the WP to Twitter application process.  Click on the link to start the application process and log into your Twitter account.

From here, follow the instructions step by step given on the WP to Twitter plugin page.  This will include copying your WP reference name to Twitter and your Twitter access tokens to WP.  The codes can be long and jumbled so I suggest using the copy and paste commands to transfer the data.  Since the information on the plugin page is step by step, I won’t reiterate those steps here.

(For further detail step by step information, continue with the tutorital by Joe Dolson’s )

Once you have followed the plugin instructions and have the account set up you will see the WP to Twitter plugin at the lower right hand side of the Posts page.  After you have created your post/blog and published it, a tweet will automatically be sent out.  If you want to you can add additional text or just have WP automatically send out the title and url for your newest post.

Happy Tweeting!