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Yellow Hammer Lure Replacement

The lucky replacement – Yellow Hammer Rig

Imagine a business that really cares about it’s customers, products and customer service  to the extent that it is willing to make things right for you even when not their fault–at no extra charge!  Sounds like a business from heaven.

Todd at the Yellow Hammer Lure Company must be from heaven (or, maybe Bessemer, Alabama is heaven)!  Yellow Hammer Lures offers that kind of business and customer service!

In our recent review of the yellow hammer rig, we mentioned we lost the lure (one of our favorites) as it got lodged under a submerged tree.  Todd, with Yellow Hammer Lures, read the article and got in touch with us telling us he would replace the lure!

Todd gave us great fishing advice.  He also made several suggestions that will help us avoid losing another Yellow Hammer lure in the future.

So, here are a few things we’ve learned:

Use 65 lb braid to 80 lb braid fishing line.

Use light fishing hooks – check out Litewire Hooks.

Weedless hooks help prevent snags.

And, use swim bait.

So, thanks to Yellow Hammer Lures, this experience was superb!  Please ‘Like’ them on facebook.

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yellow hammer lure

Yellow Hammer Lure Review

As we entered the Birmingham Alabama boat show, we were greeted by a huge, really cool fish tank displayed by Yellow Hammer lures.  A large, relatively slender tank full of bass fish was set up with rows of chairs on either side.  At certain times throughout the boat show they would show their famous lure and let everyone see how it worked.  They removed the hooks(so they didn’t actually hurt or catch the fish) and cast the lure into the tank where you could see the lure and the fish in action through the glass walls.

Yellow Hammer Fish Tank
Tank by Yellow Hammer Lures

The fish were definitely interested in the lures.  Every cast resulted in a strike.  Now, I was born on a Sunday, but it wasn’t last Sunday.  I’m sure the fish  were very hungry and would go after almost anything…but, that doesn’t really matter.  The demonstration gave you an excellent idea of how the lure moved in the water and how fish would attack it (especially when hungry).   Their slogan, ‘the best rig in town’ really seems true.  To be honest, the demonstration also showed me how accurately some people (read: not me) can cast.

Yellow Hammer CEOAfter the demonstration, we spoke with the Yellow Hammer representative, who also happens to be the Yellow Hammer C.E.O. (and, I suspect, the Yellow Hammer marketing director, chief financial officer, I.T. guy, …).  But, you don’t need a large company to make a good lure.   And the Yellow Hammer 5-wire is a very well-made lure.

With a shad-like lure in the middle and five wires arranged in a spoke-like configuration moving backwards from the center bait, it simulates a school of bait fish.  At the end of each wire is a spinner and a swivel where you can attach your preferred swim-bait.  Furthermore, it’s made in Alabama and no-one knows fish better than the South.

We were so impressed that my son bought one right there for my birthday.  Neither of us could wait to rig it up and catch some bass.

Yellow Hammer Lure

Even though it was January, the following day was warmer than usual and even a bad day bass fishing is better than a good day at work!  We loaded up the kayaks, put on warm clothes and hit the local creek.  Unfortunately the local creek hit back and we lost the lure before getting much of a chance to test it out.

After several casts, and a few bites, we snagged a rock and broke the line.  While this is a sad ending to an otherwise awesome day, I am still impressed with the Yellow Hammer 5-wire lure.  It is immediately obvious that it’s construction is top-notch.  Just make sure you have a strong line!

So, if you’re looking for a bass-catching lure that’s well-made and decently priced, check out the Yellow Hammer lures website at: http://www.theyellowhammerrig.com/, email:  BigBass@TheYellowHammerRig.com.   Or, you can give Todd (205) 527-7980 or Kyle (208) 368-7596 a call.

Yellow Hammer Sign


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Rapala Lure

Brokeback Rapala

The Brokeback Rapala is a great fishing lure for bass. When you cast it into a shady place and reel it in just right it is certain you’ll get a fish. I caught  two fish and then finally a third fish that was such a big fighter it snapped the line!

The Brokeback rapala is a great fishing lure and worth the eight bucks!  You can buy them in two colors that I know of:   white/black or tan/black.

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