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2014 Enzo

Birmingham Alabama 2014 Boat Show — Wakeboard and Watersport Displays

The 2014 Birmingham Alabama boat show had several excellent wakeboard displays and wakesurfing displays. Most of these were not booths oriented exclusively to wakeboarding or wakesurfing, but oriented towards wakeboarding, wakesurfing and other watersports.

Displays from Skiers Marine, Rambo Marine and Singleton Marine presented the best wake and surf-specific boats available from some of the biggest names in the business. Skiers Marine had the new Axis T22 along with Supra, Moomba and Malibu wake-specific boats. Rambo Marine had several beautiful models including the X-25. Singleton Marine had numerous Nautique models including the super air Nautique and the G-series.


Axis T22
Axis T22

Wedowee Marine also had several Centurion Enzo’s available at their display along with numerous pontoons. The Centurion Enzo is an impressive boat–their color schemes were striking and the CATS system looks very interesting. The Enzo is a large, long boat with huge mounts of ballast. While I haven’t ridden behind one of these, I hear they’re excellent for surfing.


Skier’s Marine had a small “lounge” area set aside with a couch, T.V. and some pro-shop gear. All of their 2013 gear was marked down 50% which made for some excellent deals.

Singleton Marine had a large display area with a tower-speaker display where customers could experiment with the Nautique in-dash system and stereo. A thumping sound system and a big-screen video display above the booth finished off their display.
Check out our gallery of wakeboard display and wakeboat images from the 2014 Birmingham Alabama boat show below:

WakesetterCenturion Enzo 2014Axis T22



2014 Huntsville Boat Show

The 2014 Huntsville boat show is a great way for a water-loving family to spend a winter weekend.  While not as big as some of the other Southern boat shows such as the Birmingham boat show, it is well supported by many of the local boat dealers.





Skiers Marine, Rambo Marine and Erwin Marine sales were all present, among others.  Multiple vendors and businesses had booths with free brochures, magazines and swag.

Located in the Von Braun center, in downtown Huntsville and close to Big Spring park, the Huntsville Boat Show makes a great family weekend event.  TroutPond1X1halfThe show included a free fishing pond that excites even the biggest of kids, food and drinks for purchase and of course, all kinds of boats:   weekend cruisers, wake/ski boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats and jet skis.  There’s every brand name in the business including: Moomba, Bryant, Cobalt, Bayliner, MasterCraft, Nautique, Sea Doo to name a few.


After you make the rounds at the amazing boat show, make sure you take some time to walk by the pond and canal located across the street from the Von Braun center.  If you’re up for continuing a short walk, follow the canal up to Big Spring Park, where you can sit and enjoy watching the spring water spout out of a rock creating a beautiful rock cliff scene reminiscent of Ireland!


After walking to Big Spring park, you may  work up an appetite or feel like a sweet treat.  There are many option in this great downtown Huntsville area.  We ventured to Sam & Gregs Pizzeria for delicious pizza and hand-made gelato (whatever you do, don’t miss out on the gelato)!

If you didn’t make it to the boat show this year, put it on your calendar for next January.  It’s fast becoming a tradition for us.

Click here for a more in-depth review on the Skier’s Marine display and Fort Hampton Outfitters,

A wakeboard in a wakeboard rack.

Winterizing the 2013 Moomba Mobius

Winterizing the 2013 Moomba – Part 1

Draining the water out of the hoses and engine block.

To winterize the 2013 Moomba takes some physical agility and a little knowledge of mechanical tools like using a screw driver and ratchet set! Really it is fairly easy once you see how to do it.

You will:

Remove 6 clamps holding hoses that you have to drain (8 if you have a heater installed on the boat). Take out 2 stopcocks on the engine block to drain.


Tools you will need:

Rachet Set

Flat head screwdriver


Hair dryer with heat setting

Optional: Air compressor



Step 1 – Open the back hatch of the boat to expose the engine block. Open the side walls by twisting the small clamp on top of the walls so it falls open. Reach under the block to find the bolt pictured below on either side of the block. Using the ratchet loosen the bolt, remove it and let the water drain out of the block. When the water has drained out, screw the stopcocks back on and tighten with the ratchet.

Stopcock Mooba

Step 2 – Under the back seat, take off the engine cover that sits under the back seat and set it aside. There is one hose (see arrow #1) that is connected like a garden hose and another hose (see arrow #2) with a clamp that needs to be loosened using a flat head screwdriver. Open these hoses up and drain the water out. When all the water is drained, tighten them again.


Hose disconnection

Step 3 – In the port quarter engine compartment you will find a slanted C shaped pipe that needs to be drained. There are clamps at the top and the bottom that attach the hose to the engine block. With a flat head screwdriver, loosen only the clamps that are closest to the engine block on both top and bottom. Pull the pipe off and drain the water. Reposition the pipe, making sure it is tight against the block again. Tighten the clamp as it was originally.

Pipe removal for winterization


Step 4 – On the starboard quarter of the engine compartment there is another C shaped pipe that needs to be drained. Loosen the clamps and drain. Reassemble.




That’s it!  Unless you have a heater—-


Winterizing the Heater System:

The secret tool for the job: The blow dryer!


Conair blow dryer with hot heat setting


To winterize the heater system you’ll find there are two clamps on either side of the hose that leads to and the heater and back to the engine block.

See the picture below for location of the upper heater hose and the lower heater hose on the port quarter of the boat. Using the flat head screw driver, loosen the clamps on either side and slide them down the hose.

Winterizing Boat heater system

Winterizing heater system in Moomba

The ends of these hoses can be very difficult to pull off the engine block attachment. Using a blowdryer, set on the hot heat setting, heat up the hose for a few minutes and it will slide off the block much easier. The reason why the hose is difficult to get off without heating it up is that the block attachment has deep gripping grooves that hold on to the hose and heating the hose allows it to expand enough to slide off.
Once you have both ends of the hose off, take the upper heater hose and blow very hard through it. You will see the water coming out of the lower heater hose as you do this. Continue blowing until you don’t see any more water coming out and you don’t hear any gurgling water. If you don’t see water coming out but hear a airy gurgling sound, continue to blow until you hear only dry air.


An alternative to mouth blowing is using an air compressor to blow the air through the hose. This is obviously an easier, faster solution if you have an air compressor!


Slide the hoses back on. If they won’t go back on, heating the hose up with the blow dryer will make it go on easily again. Tighten the clamps on both the upper and lower heater hoses and you are done!


Coming soon…How to do an oil change in the 2013 Moomba