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Snow Kayaking

The video below was posted a couple of years ago but it hasn’t received a lot of attention.  It should!  Back in 2013, Red Bull sponsored a kayak race in the snow in Estonia.

The contestants start at the top of a snow ski run, start simultaneously and race down the course.  At the end of the course, the contestants glide across a small pool of water.  Well, the successful ones glide, the unsuccessful ones flip over and semi-submerge.

Interestingly, several of the contestants are able to control their kayaks surprisingly well.  Since kayaks don’t have edges like skis or snowboards, the contestants (riders? paddlers? skiers?) use their paddles like levers to change direction.



Snow in the South

Hey Y’all, Snow in the South!

Snow in the South!  Alabama declared a state of emergency  Feb 10 due to anticipation of a winter storm. North Alabama woke to a blanket of snow and treacherous roads Feb 11.

It’s a snow day!  No school, many businesses closed and everyone is encouraged to stay off the roads!

Instead of taking your car for a spin like the winter olympians in an ice skating rink,  we suggest…build a snowman, a snowcat or have a snowball fight!

Snowman in Alabama 1/11/14
Cat made out of Snow 1/11/14

Snow ball fight 1/11/14


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