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Stratos 2014

Pros and Cons to the Stratos fishing boat

Review:  2014 Stratos  by  CJ, age 11

I went to the Birmingham Boat Show with may family last weekend and I thought I would write about a fishing boat that I really liked.  The 2014 Stratos.  Comparing to the other fishing boats around it had a  fairly good price for a nice fishing boat.  At the show it was offered for $17,500.

Stratos Boat
Stratos Boat

Here are the pros and cons.

Pros: large compartment to hold fishing poles with hydraulics, good quality, lightweight aluminum,  very stable, fish finder, trolly motor,  windshields  for driver and passenger, live fish/bait holder, life jacket compartment with holes to drain water,  front and back fishing seats.

Cons: Small engine, carpet,  some compartments hard to open, some compartments have no hydraulics, and no fish finder on the trolly motor.

And those are the pros and cons I see to the stratos fishing boat. Some day I will get something like this but for now, I will have to wait.

Here are some pictures:

Stratos Boat

Find out more information at stratosboats.com