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Water Soccer

World Soccer? How about Water Soccer?

You may have heard of water breaks, water polo, even water slides but have you ever heard of water soccer?  You have got to try this!

Water soccer follows most of the usual 5-a-side or 11-a-side game rules but your feet are immersed in ankle high water and the field is an inflatable court.  Water soccer is a version of soccer that is wild and wet. (And a great idea for a party!)  It will tests your skills, agility, balance and coordination while using your body’s core muscles.  Best of all you stay cool while having a ton of fun.

Check it out !  It’s looks like a challenge.

Get your Soccerwear to show off!


Hot deals – before it’s hot outside!

Thinking ahead to warm weather and summer?  I can’t wait to try out my new Connelly Cruzer triple rider tube.  Just got it.  And, here’s the best part………………. half price!

Connelly Cruzer tube
Connelly Cruzer


Read on…great deals await.

Many marine and boat shops sell products like tubes, ropes, wakeboards, skiis, boots and jackets but this inventory usually doesn’t make up a large portion of their profits.  Generally it’s service and large purchases.  Hence, when it comes to inventory of the ‘fun’ stuff, they are likely to just move it out and make room for a fresh new look in the shop.

This change of inventory often happens at the end of a season or a year.  So, that’s the time to take advantage and stock up on the things you want for the coming water season.

I purchased this Connelly tube half price from Skiers Marine in Alabama.  They, like most boat shops, move through their inventory every year.  You can find deals like this everywhere you go – if you are looking at the right time!

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