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Yellow Hammer Lure Replacement

The lucky replacement – Yellow Hammer Rig

Imagine a business that really cares about it’s customers, products and customer service  to the extent that it is willing to make things right for you even when not their fault–at no extra charge!  Sounds like a business from heaven.

Todd at the Yellow Hammer Lure Company must be from heaven (or, maybe Bessemer, Alabama is heaven)!  Yellow Hammer Lures offers that kind of business and customer service!

In our recent review of the yellow hammer rig, we mentioned we lost the lure (one of our favorites) as it got lodged under a submerged tree.  Todd, with Yellow Hammer Lures, read the article and got in touch with us telling us he would replace the lure!

Todd gave us great fishing advice.  He also made several suggestions that will help us avoid losing another Yellow Hammer lure in the future.

So, here are a few things we’ve learned:

Use 65 lb braid to 80 lb braid fishing line.

Use light fishing hooks – check out Litewire Hooks.

Weedless hooks help prevent snags.

And, use swim bait.

So, thanks to Yellow Hammer Lures, this experience was superb!  Please ‘Like’ them on facebook.

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